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Hi, I’m Djibril.

A graphic designer living in Bratislava. I spend my days painting, drawing, and designing in collaboration with some of my favourite people.

Besides work, I also run a blog about film photography that helps other photographers along their journey. Yes, I still take photos on film.

What I do

I work with brands both bigger and smaller and help them transform ideas into creative solutions. With my passion for creating, one could say I am a jack of all trades. And I’d say I’m a master of a couple, but my main focus is logo and identity design.

Want examples? Check out my portfolio. You’ll find examples of brand identity design, logo designs and more inside well-written case studies.

Why it matters

You can have the best idea or product in the world but if your brand doesn’t represent you in an authentic and captivating way then your business may never meet its full potential. That’s where I come in. 

My approach is simple: I get to know you and your project, understand the efforts and provide solutions. I don’t have an account manager. My clients communicate directly with me for maximum efficiency.

If you’d like to, please follow me on social media:


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