Cotonou (French pronunciation: ​[kɔtɔnu]; Fon: Kútɔ̀nú) is the biggest city of Benin – officially République du Bénin,  a small country, full of history and african beauty.

cotonou benin
People near the biggest market in West Africa, Dantokpa

Bénin is located in West Africa, between the countries of Nigeria and Togo. Cotonou stretches on the South edge of the country and it is a gateway for all the people visiting the country.

“Bénin is the heart of West Africa.”

Because it is the largest city of the country, it is also home to the government; although Porto-Novo is the official capital city. It is the home of all government offices and diplomatic services – embassies. The city also has a harbor, the largest and the only airport, and a railroad linking Cotonou with Parakou in the North.

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April 1, 2018

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