Logo design for a digital banking alternative.

corporate branding for monastis by michael maleek djibril


Monastis Ltd. is a company that helps businesses grow by offering their customers the convenience of card payments. It is a digital banking alternative for international customers.


I was asked to design a logo with basic branding.

Scope of the project

Company logo / Corporate envelope and business cards / Style guide

Tools I used

Pencil sketching / Wacom Intuous pen tablet / Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

Creative Process

As usual, the first stage of the process involved the research of logos in this sphere of activity and business in order to avoid repetitions and observe the trends. The first variants included pencil sketches showing the process of creative search.

As you can see, the variants show different combinations of the capital letter M in the vertical and horizontal placement.

The Logo

The style of the logo is clear. It features a minimalist and modern looking logo and logotype. The logo design symbolically communicates the first letter M and a stack of bills.

monastis logo grid design by michael maleek djibril
monastis branding design by michael maleek djibril
Main horizontal logo
monastis logo design by michael maleek djibril
Colour variations

Basic Stationery

After approving and testing the logo, the next task was a set of basic branded items which would support the visual identity concept. Among them, I worked on business cards and envelopes.

monastis corporate identity design by michael maleek djibril

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