Project Type: Photographer

Through photography, I explore daily life and capture moments that usually go unseen. I love to work “old-school” by developing my negatives in the darkroom.

Portraits ‧ Landscape ‧ Street photo

St. Katherine’s Docks

St Katharine Docks is a former dock and now a mixed-used district in Central London, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and within the East End. One of my favourite places in London.


Dáša GetFat a.k.a Dášisko is a content creator, psychologist, “crossfitter” and a vegan cook based in Bratislava. I had the opportunity to take a few portraits for her.

Leica HQ Wetzlar

Wetzlar is not just an ordinary city. It was in this town that Leitz, later known as Leica, was founded.

Veronika Nöhrer

Veronika Nöhrer is a Czech photographer and interior designer based in Brno. I had the privilege to photograph a set of portraits for her.


London, London, London is calling you
What are you waiting for?
What you searching for?
London, London, London is all in you
Why are you denying the truth?


Bonne arrivé au Cotonou, the largest city of Benin. Economical engine. A lively, busy city that never sleeps.