michael djibril

I design, I photograph, and I write.

Currently, I’m a Tech Lead at Sufio in Bratislava, leading a team, building an amazing app for merchants all over the world.

I work across three creative disciplines.

With my passion for creating, one could say I am a jack of all trades. And I’d say I’m a master of a couple, but the main areas I work in are design, photography, and writing.


I can help you transform ideas into creative solutions across all platforms.


Through photography, I explore daily life, people and capture moments that usually go unseen.


Beautiful UX copy that does the design justice.

Happy clients I worked with

Here are a few of the companies I’ve worked within the past.

Side projects


Independent film photography blog and newsletter, sharing the knowledge and love towards film photography. Learn more

Say hello 👋

As I’m currently working full-time for Sufio, I’m not taking on new freelance clients. But, I’m very much interested in new ideas or hearing what you are working on. Just say hello!

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