What am I doing now?

On this page, you’ll find a map of my professional life right now. What I am up to, what I am working on, thinking about or reading. The idea of a Now page is inspired by Derek Sivers.


I currently work for Sufio, the leading invoicing app for Shopify and BigCommerce stores around the world. Although I do not really like to focus on job titles, I am the Tech Support Lead and the Technical Documentation Lead.

As a Tech Support Lead, my primary responsibility is assisting our users, our Customer Support team, and our Partners with any technical issues related to the Sufio app. I do this via email, chat, and video calls when requested, by providing them with answers to any complicated queries they face.

Being responsible for the technical side of the app gives me the opportunity to create a bridge between the Development Team and Customer Support Team, and vice versa. In essence, I provide insight to the Customer Support Team, so that they understand how things work and how to provide better support to our users, and to the Development Team, so they understand how the Sufio features fit into the end user’s workflow.

This allows us to make sure that the Sufio app always caters to our users’ needs and can stand for what it represents—professional invoicing.

Check out the Milk Bottle Lab Ecommerce Show podcast if you’re interested in learning more. I discussed what I do in this podcast with the founder of Milk Bottle, Ireland’s largest Shopify agency. We discussed how Sufio helps merchants around the world ease the burden of invoicing so they can focus on more important things, like running their businesses.


As much as I love the smell and touch of actual books, I have quite of a backlog of books that I want to read. At the moment, I am very much enjoying reading Emotional Agility by Susan David.

If you’d like to find out more about books that I enjoyed reading, have a look at my Recommended Books page.

Inspired by the nownownow.com project and last updated on June 12, 2022