Top-parfé logo case study branding by michael maleek djibril


Top-Parfé is an online perfumery with the goal of providing high-quality products at reasonable prices. They are the official distributor of Yodeyma Paris perfumes.


I was asked to design a logo and a variety of items presenting corporate identity.

Scope of the project

Company logo / Corporate letterhead, envelope and business cards / Style guide

Tools I used

Pencil sketching / Wacom Intuous pen tablet / Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo

Creative Process

After the client’s brief, having analyzed the target audience and having done the market research I started developing different types of logos: wordmarks, combination marks, and symbols. I worked over several stylistic directions.

As for the colour palette, the search didn’t take long because the client primarily set their preferences on light and luxury design within white/black, rose gold or shades of copper. So, the main search was focused on shapes and imagery.

The final logo design brings together a luxurious and high-end symbol that is formed by two beginning letters T and P. Together they form a logo that speaks to the client’s customer and delivers its message. logo grid system by michael maleek djibril logo case study by michael maleek djibril
logo design colour variations by michael maleek djibril
Colour variations. Also, a monochromatic variant was provided to be used in cases when colour couldn’t be applied.

Basic Stationery

After the logo was approved, I continued to work on branded items design. The items included a business card, an envelope and letterhead.

branding stationery design by michael maleek djibril

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